Why Conduct a Move in/Move out Inspection?

Nelda Schulte
3 min readJul 5, 2021

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Why conduct a move-in move-out inspection report?

The Residential Tenancies Act has made it mandatory to conduct a move-in move-out inspection report since it protects both parties in case of disputes.

If you don’t complete a move-in/move-out inspection report, you have no record of the condition of your property and can’t claim any damages following a move-out. This inspection report also exists for the benefit of the tenant/s. Once tenants have been approved, set a date for the move-in inspection. It provides a documented record of the property’s condition before their move-out so that they won’t be charged for damages they did not make. It also gives you the opportunity to answer tenant FAQs about the property.

What information needs to be included in the move-in/move-out inspection report?

  • The name and address of the landlord/landlord’s agent
  • The name and address of the property the tenant is renting from you
  • The date the move in/move out inspection was conducted
  • Each room, stairwell, hallway, bathroom, balcony, garage, shed, etc., and a brief description of the condition and location of the individual items (floor, walls, ceiling, windows, light fixtures, taps, blinds, etc.)
  • Pictures of the property and pictures of all itemized areas with scratches, chips, or any damage that you will not be repairing but want to be noted on the report.
  • Pictures of any items that require repair and an action list of repairs
  • Landlord’s statement indicating the date the inspection was conducted, the name of the landlord/landlord’s agent who inspected it, and the name of the tenant or tenant’s agent who completed the inspection report
  • Tenant’s statement that states either;
  • Tenant agrees that the report fairly represents the condition of the premises (with tenant’s name and signature)
  • Tenant disagrees that the report represents the condition of the premises and the itemized reasons (with tenant’s name and signature)



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