What’s the weirdest way you lost a tenant?

Nelda Schulte
5 min readJun 28, 2021

What’s the weirdest way you lost a tenant? This week’s blog started with a wild and weird experience of my experience losing a tenant due to a woodpecker. I followed up with a question to various Facebook landlord groups asking the weirdest way they lost tenants. The answers are highly entertaining. Warning — there is adult content here.

Original question: “ I once lost a tenant because of a pesky woodpecker that was so persistent it bored a hole from the outside condo wall into the bedroom wall. The tenant worked nights and tried to sleep days. It became a wish/wildlife big thing to get rid of the woodpeckers, in the process, we lost the tenant.”

Question to landlords: What’s the weirdest way you lost a tenant?

Annette B

If I get a bad renter, mental note…find a woodpecker.


Crystal S

The weirdest way lost a tenant, but couldn't lose the unregistered tenants…

I had 2 unauthorized tenants living in our place. After arguing about whether they could stay or not (especially because my legal tenant went to rehab) they said they agreed with the legal tenant that if they gave him “certain favors” whenever he wanted they could stay!!

Zoe S

“ A neighbor lady of a certain age” constantly after my college boy renters to have beers with her and asking them to remove their shirts when doing the lawn. They stopped looking after the lawn, then gave up spending anytime outdoors.

I had to ask her to refrain from harassing my male tenants than just rented to a grandma instead.

Brian W

Didn’t lose a tenant here but I got a call once from a tenant asking why I let what she said were two good-looking guys move in next door when she was horny. To this day I still laugh about that Sunday afternoon phone call

Disappearing tenants

Barbara K

Not me, but a friend had a tenant that went to prison. Just didn’t come back. Did a little searching and asking about them and found out he was in custody, then off to the big house. His…

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