New Brunswick Landlord Resources

Nelda Schulte
4 min readDec 2, 2021

New Brunswick Landlord Resources is a regional overview of organizations that support landlord knowledge and education in New Brunswick. This listicle continues the provincial resources, with direct quotes from the individual websites, for landlords. I started this project with Alberta Landlord Resources and will continue adding provincial and some municipal resources until I’ve covered all 10 provinces.

Residential Tenancies Act New Brunswick

This landlord-tenant legislation in New Brunswick applies to tenancy agreements, rental units, and other residential property legislation.

Service New Brunswick (SNB)

Service New Brunswick is a corporation owned by the Province of New Brunswick with a mission to improve the delivery of government services to the public. SNB has four business lines, including New Brunswick’s real and personal property registries, from which provide land and personal property information services to the public; including the Residential Tenancies Tribunal, which deals with landlord and tenant information and disputes.

Office of the Rentalsman Forms
Office of the Rentalsman is a site with a collection of forms and publications for landlords and tenants in pdf format, including the Accommodation Rental Report, standard lease forms, and guides.

Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB)

PLEIS-NB is a non-profit organization and a registered charity whose mandate is to develop bilingual educational products and services about the law for the general public to promote access to the legal system. PLEIS-NB also assists the public in identifying and understanding their legal rights and responsibilities and to improves their ability to deal with legal issues, including landlord and tenant and real estate law.

211 New Brunswick

211 New Brunswick is a telephone and online directory that helps connect people to critical community-based supports. It offers services from a variety of local community groups, non-profits agencies, and government departments.

Nelda Schulte

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