10 Best Places to buy Canadian Real Estate

Nelda Schulte
5 min readJan 27, 2022

Wondering where the 10 best places to buy Canadian real estate?

If you’re looking for value, affordability, and growth potential, the Canadian real estate market shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re willing to consider investing in small to mid-size cities, the Canadian real estate market offers a wide range of choices that offer 10 important factors for real estate investors. Many investors have discovered smaller centres offer bigger space, more greenery, a greater sense of community, and of course, better affordability. This shift to mid-size real estate investments in smaller cities has become a common Canadian real estate investment trend referred to as “interprovincial migration.”

Interprovincial migration offers greater opportunity for affordability, growth (averaging 1% per year), and lifestyle. Here are 10 Canadian cities where you can get a foothold in accessible and thriving real estate markets.


As the third fastest-growing city in Canada, with one of the highest job markets in the country, affordable Windsor is not only poised for rapid growth but is one of the only Canadian cities with direct proximity to the USA.

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Windsor Ontario housing prices compared to Toronto, London and Hamilton

For those who like to live close to a big city but on a small-city budget, Hamilton offers real estate prices at a 1/3rd less than Toronto.

Two hours out of Toronto and close to the USA border, Kingston has enjoyed a long and successful reputation as a college-friendly town, making it ideal for student rentals. Its affordability makes it exceptional as an accessible investment location.

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Kingston, Ontario housing prices 2022


Nelda Schulte

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